Retreat on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

A family from Antigua Guatemala I have known and visited with since 1991 recently built a home on Lake Atitlan, which they use only part time and are willing to rent weekends or by the week.

For those unfamiliar with it, Lake Atitlan is a magical place surrounded by three volcanoes and hills. It is about 50 miles (80 km) from Guatemala City or Antigua. At an altitude of about 5100 feet (1560 m), it offers warm days and cool nights throughout the year.

The house is secluded, accessible by boat (lanchas) from the villages of San Lucas Tolimán or Santiago, and overlooks the lake. Reservations for transport can be made by cell phone.

It would be a perfect place for writers or other creators who would like a getaway in which to work undisturbed.

For honeymooners, the entire second floor (upper right photo, below) is a bedroom with balcony.

There are currently four bedrooms, which share two bathrooms, available for guests. Three rooms have three beds and one has a double bed.

On the levels going up from the boat dock are: a sheltered set of hammocks*, a barbeque pit built into the rock face, a gazebo, an outdoor jacuzzi and the house itself. The main common spaces--
a lounge and a dining area--are on two levels that look onto the lake through two floor-to-ceiling glass walls. There is a separate glass-walled breakfast room next to the kitchen.

The current (January 2012) rental price is $650 per week. There is a guard present. For an additional charge, it can be arranged to have somebody cook and clean.

If you are interested, please write the owner:

*The storm Agatha, which struck Guatemala, caused the lake level to rise 10 feet (3 meters). Until the level goes back down, the hammock shelter will not be available.

Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan showing one volcano

Breakfast room

Breakfast room overlooking lake through glass walls

Boat dock

House's boat dock

House levels

Levels rising from the boat landing

Dining room

Entrance to dining area & lounge


Gazebo seen from dining area
Lounge &
                  dining room

Dining area on mezzanine, open fireplace and lounge overlooking lake