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Business Visas (document of the Russian Consulate in Washington DC)

To obtain a business visa the following documents should be submitted to the CONSULAR SECTION (CONSULATE)::

1. A completed visa application form (one per person). All male sitizens age 16-45 are required to fill out a supplement ( form 95 ) to the standard  application form. (Supplement to the questionnaire-form ¹ 95).
2. A valid passport which should have at least one clear page for a visa. Your passport must be valid not less than one month after the date of your departure from Russia. Diplomatic passport holders should submit both copies of the passport pages that contain personal data of the bearer and original passport.
3. One passport size photo of the applicant which should be stapled to the marked space at the upper right-hand corner of the application form.
4. An official letter of invitation from the Russian Ministry of the Interior, its local offices or the Russian Foreign Ministry, its regional representatives,  or any other authorized Russian agency. The letter must contain: official seal and legal address of the agency, document registration number, date of registration, signature and name of an authorized official, travel itinerary, dates of stay, names of persons invited. We reserve the right to request originals of letters of invitation
5. A cover letter from your company (or from yourself if you are traveling individually) with information about the traveler, destination, terms and purpose of  the trip.
6. IIf you apply by mail, you should enclose a completely-addressed stamped return envelope or prepaid waybill, bearing your account number and showing yourself as both shipper and recipient regardless of delivery address. We do not accept waybills marked ‘bill sender’, ‘bill third party’, ‘bill credit card’ or C.O.D. If you fail to follow the above mentioned requirements, your visa  application will not be processed. If the papers are not acceptable for any reason or some documents are missing, we will return them by regular mail. When forwarding your documents to us, please, specify “attention: visa section”. We do not accept documents for international delivery!

     If you apply personally, you  should get a pick-up slip from the visa officer. You should present this slip to pick up your visa, when it is ready, or refer to its number to check out the status of the  application. Please, note that we do not accept visa documents   delivered  to the Consulate by courier services.


A money order or a cashier’s  check for visa processing payable to the Russian Embassy. Please, note that we do not   accept cash, company or personal checks. Charge for bounced checks is $20.00.The visa processing fees are:

  For single entry visas are:
     $100 for  not less than six business days processing;
     $150 for not less than three business day processing;
     $200 for next business day processing or two business day processing;
     $300 for same day processing;

    Visa processing fee is not refundable.

   Please, note that drop off day is not counted as a business day!

   Visa processing starts only after we have collected all necessary documents.         

   If you apply by mail, please, allow one more day for processing.

   Same day or next day processing is only available if the volume of work technically permits.

   If you apply for a visa valid for more than 3 months you must submit HIV Test (AIDS) Certificate.

   Any visa applicant may be interviewed by a consular officer if necessary.

       When you receive your visa please check it for mistakes (passport number, date of birth, validity) and, if necessary, return it to the Consulate for corrections.

The Consulate will not be responsible for any mistakes in the visas, which were not brought to our attention prior to your departure from the USA.

    Please, note that visas cannot be changed or extended. If your travel plans changed after the visa issuance you have to reapply for a new visa.

     Processing time, requirements and fees are subject to change without notice.

  If you need more information please call us at (202)939-8907, 8918 Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. till 12.30 p.m. and from 2.30 p.m. till 6 p.m.