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Sample schedules
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Kemerovo Siberia Trip Extension
This was the schedule in 2000. Yours would be similar. Home stays are with English-speaking families.
Estimated surcharge to the Moscow Study Trip for Moscow-Kemerovo flight (at current fares) and living and program expenses in Siberia: US$1100

Day 1
Free time in Moscow. Members of group not going to Siberia fly home.
Fly from Moscow to Kemerovo in the Kuzbass, Siberia.
Depart 10:20 pm, arrival at 6:20 am (4 hour flight and 4 hour time difference).
Day 5
Breakfast at home
Day long excursion in Marinsk, the Gulag where Solzhenytsin was confined and that he wrote about in "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich"
Overnight in Marinsk.
Day 9
Breakfast at home
Excursion at 10:30 am at the Association of animal husbandry (fur animals)
Lunch in the cafe "Golden chicken"
Meeting with students of language faculty of Kemerovo State University.
Meeting with handicapped group and Fund Mira (Peace Fund).
Visit art gallery at 5 pm
Boat ride on Tom river
Dinner at home.
Day 2
Settle in hotel, breakfast in the hotel, free time to rest from trip.
Late lunch at 3:30 pm in the "Russian house" restaurant (Russkaya izba).
Excursion at 5 pm to the Historical Natural museum "Tomsk Handwritten Arts" (art of ancient people on rocks.
Celebration of Siberian holiday, Ivan Kupala (until midnight)
Day 6
River rafting on Kia River for 6 hours (NOT white water - safe even for non-swimmers)
Return to Kemerovo
Day 10
Brunch at 10 am at Russian dacha, shashliki (barbecue), folk songs program, meeting with native shorsk-mongolian Nadezhda Nikolaevna (English teacher)
Shopping at souvenir stores "Russian bear", "Glebovskiy," "Yaroslanva," "Kristall" etc.
Free time, packing
Dinner at home. at home
Day 3
Breakfast at the hotel, pack, leave hotel.
Meeting with the director, teachers & students of Kemerovo Vocational-Technical college.
Meeting with a telecommunications company housed at the College (Kiberproject).
Excursion at 4 pm by bus and on foot around the city center, sightseeing tour of the left bank of the river Tom, World War II 
Park, Historical Regional museum (trade, art exhibition, peoples' lives, nature).
Meeting and dinner at college at 6 pm with host families. 
Group members go to house of their host family for the night.
Day 7
Breakfast at home
Excursion to Medical Academy and its museum: "The tragedies of nature"
Excursion around the Kirovskiy region (right bank of the river Tom) to Birch Grove, park of Victory
Excursion to American Industrial Colony Museum
Lunch at the museum
Excursion to children's sanitarium, Zhuravlik.
Leave for "Zagorodniy club" (banya, pool, dinner).
Day 11
Breakfast at home
Return flight to Moscow : plane departs 8:15 am, arrives in Moscow 8:15 am
Note: Arrival in Moscow is at Domodedovo Airport. It is possible to go from there to Sheremetevo and catch the 3:45 pm flight to 
Brussels and overnight in Brussels before returning to the USA or to overnight in Moscow and leave early the following morning for same day return to the USA via Zurich.
Day 4
Breakfast at home
Departure for Topki at 10 am
Visit collective farm in Topki that raises race horses.
Return to Kemerovo after noon and spend rest of day with host family at their dacha.
Day 8
Breakfast at home
Tour of coal factory (Kedrovskiy Razrez), meet trade union officials and factory administrators, talk to coal miners
Excursion to Greek village, lunch and visit to the Athletic Club "Olympus" there
Return to Kemerovo
Meeting at 5 pm in the college cafeteria with Ed Fried for a discussion of ethnic violence and anti-Semitism in Russia
Dinner at home.

Contact: Eric Fenster moscowtrip2003@yahoo.com with questions or for more information.