A formerly closed city, SW of Moscow, we visited for the first time in 1999 and again in 2001

Play therapy
Play therapy at the sanatorium for handicaped children
At this center, situated in a forest, we found 275 children cared for by over 200 staff (!), devoted enough to do this for wages of about $20 per month.
Tasting at vodka factory
Tasting the products of the Kristal vodka & liqueur factory
Proper attire for monastery visit
Properly attired to visit the Optina Pustyn monastery in Kozelsk
Kaluga bus station
The bus station for the return to Moscow
Does our hostess, Olga (center) look happy to see us leave?
River bank
Church courtyard
Church courtyard in Kozelsk, near Kaluga
About as typical a rural Russian scene as on can get.

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