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Spring 1997 Moscow Study Trip
(Future schedules will be similar, taking changes in Russia into account.)
10 May
Evening arrival in Moscow
20 May
Lecture-discussion: Banking and financial system of Russia. Mikal Davtyan, Academy of Labor & Financial Academy
Lecture-discussion: Soviet and Russian trade unions. Yury Milovidov, Trade Union Research Center
30 May
Videos: Springtime on the Elbe (50th anniversary); Norilsk
Puppet theater: Don Juan
11 May
Sightseeing bus tour of city 
Ballet: Cinderella, Kremlin Palace Visit of Kremlin
Demonstration of use of public transport
21 May
Visit to Moskovsky State Farm, a 400 acre greenhouse in Moscow 
Video: Kirjatch, 1993 Reform impacts on a provincial town.
Discussion with Michal Davtyan: Russia's financial system
31 May
(Self-organized weekend in St. Petersburg by some group members) 
Ballet, Don Quixote, Kremlin Palace
12 May
Opening of seminar Welcome to a changing Russia, Nikolai Gritsenko, Rector, Academy of Labor
22 May
Lecture-discussion: The Socio-cultural environment for a new Russian Civilization, Boris Erasov, Institute of Oriental Studies
Visit to Novodevichy Monastery
01 June
Free day
13 May
Lecture-discussion: Political history of Russia. Sergei Zasorin, Pedagogical University
Video: Rostov-on-the-Don (1993)
23 May
Lecture-discussion: Evolution of Russian culture, Vladimir Kalyazin, Research Institute of the Arts
02 June
Lecture-discussion: The evolving Russian national idea and relations with the West, Yury Popov, Academy of Labor
14 May
Lecture-discussion: The Russian economy in transition: dreams and reality, Vladislav Semenkov, Academy of Labor
Lecture-discussion: Employment & job creation policy, Natalya Matitsina, Ministry of Labor
24 May
Travel to Vladimir Visit to historic sites of Vladimir
03 June
Lecture-discussion: Russian women in politics, the economy and social life, Natalya Stepanova, Institute of Comparative Political Studies
15 May
Visit to nursery school & kindergarten specializing in children with speech problems 
Visit to comprehensive school and discussion with the principal
25 May
Visit to Gus-Krystalny and its Crystal Museum
Visit to Church of the Intercession on the Nerli
Discussion with Nikolai Beshchekov, host in Vladimir
04 June
Lecture-discussion: Evolution of the Russian labor market and human resources practices, Igor Chepsakov, AON Consulting
16 May
Lecture-discussion: Grafting imported democracy on Russia's lawless past, Roald Matveev, Humanitarian University
Videos: Four mafia vignettes; Boris Nemtsov's Nizhny-Novgorod; Conversion of a military factory in Samara; An entrepreneur in Sverdlovsk
26 May
Visit to Suzdal
Return to Moscow
05 June
Participation in 2nd International Conference on the Past, Present & Future of Russia, sponsored by Kontinent magazine, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia House and others.
Gennadi Osipov, Institute of Social-Political Research, Dynamics of social political changes in Russia in 1996
Larissa Pyasheva, Expert on Federal Council, Perspectives for the economic evolution of Russia
17 May
Visit to Tretyakov Gallery of Russian Art
27 May
Video: Children of the 20th Century, Vitaly Kanevsky
Meeting with Russian students of accounting & auditing
Grigori Yavlinsky, Yabloko faction of State Duma, The contemporary political situation, its perspectives and evolution
Igor Golembiovsky, Editor-in-chief of Izvestia, Contemporary Russia and democracy
Anatoly Stepyany, Russian bureau of Radio Liberty, Ten years of the new Russia: a summing up and perspectives
Jackson Kipp, European Security journal, Kansas, The Russian Army in a difficult time
18 May
Visit to Sergeev-Posad and its monastery and church complex
28 May
Lecture-discussion: Transformation of social structures: education, health, social security, Liudmila Rzhanitsina, Institute of Economics
06 June
Summary discussion with Vladislav Semenkov
Final group discussion
Farewell dinner
19 May
Visit to machine building factory made practically idle by taxes and the decline in industrial production
Lecture-discussion: Criminality in Russia, Gen. Anatoly Alexeev, Police Academy
29 May
Free day
07 June
Visit to Lenin Mausoleum
Overnight in Brussels


Contact: Eric Fenster moscowtrip2007@yahoo.com with questions or for more information.