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Spring 1999 Moscow Study Trip

(Future schedules will be similar, taking changes in Russia into account.)


20 June
Afternoon arrival in Moscow, installation in residence
30 June
Lecture-discussion: Russia in the world economic community, Yury Popov, Academy of Labor

Videos: Growing up in a straitjacket (institutionalization of disabled children) and Butyrka (conditions in a pre-trial jail)

10 July
Visit to the Archangelsk park and museum outside Moscow (all day)
21 June
Demonstration of use of public transport, walk in neighborhood

Opening of seminar, Gennady Nikolaev, Vice Rector, Academy of Labor 

01 July
Lecture-discussion: Comparison of Russian and American values, Nikita Pokrovsky, Moscow State University & GIMO 

Free afternoon

11 July
Free day
22 June
Sightseeing bus tour of city

Video: Rostov-on-the-Don (1993)

02 July
Videos: Children of the 20th Century, Vitaly Kanevsky (street children in St. Petersburg) and Jesus in Russia: an American holy war (US missionaries) (1996) 

Free afternoon

12 July
Videos: The Russian Mafia (1998) and The Russian Nobility (1998) 

Free afternoon

23 June
Lecture-discussion: The history of Russia's "incomplete" economic reforms, Vladislav Semenkov, Academy of Labor 

Video: Vorkuta (1998) Social economy of the miners in the North

03 July
Visit Lenin Mausoleum 

Visit Vernissage outside Central House of Artists and visit to Gorky Park

13 July
Travel to Kaluga 

Meeting with staff of the Kaluga Branch of the Moscow Institute of Economics and Human Sciences

Visit to KZAME automobile parts factory

Visit to Kristal vodka and liqueur factory and dinner with director of production

24 June
Visit to comprehensive school and discussion with the principal & teachers and a roundtable with pupils

Lecture-discussion: The financial crisis in Russia. Mikal Davtyan, Academy of Labor & Financial Academy

04 July
Visit to Sergeev-Posad and its monastery and church complex
14 July
Visits to the Optina Pustyn monastery, the Shamordino convent and other locations around the town of Kozelsk
25 June
Travel to Vladimir

Visit to historic sites of Vladimir

Visit to Church of the Intercession on the Nerli

05 July
Lecture-discussion: The trade union and labor movement in Russia. Yury Milovidov, Trade Union Research Center

Free afternoon

15 July
Visit to sanatorium in Kaluga for handicapped children

Visit Tsiolkovsky (father of Russian rocketry) space museum

Visit to the Goncharov mansion (family of Pushkin's wife)

Visit to Polotnyany paper factory (cancelled), replaced by swimming on inland lake

Evening meeting and discussion

26 June
Visit of Suzdal (city overvew, kremlin, monastery, convent, wooden architecture, art museum, bishop's palace)

Return to Moscow

06 July
Lecture-discussion Social consequences of the financial crisis, Vladimir Speransky, Academy of Labor 

Free afternoon

16 July
Meetings at two employment services offices in Kaluga 

Return to Moscow

27 June
Visit to Kremlin grounds and churches

Ballet: Swan Lake, Kremlin Palace Visit of Kremlin

Train to St. Petersburg

07 July
Lecture-discussion: The political situation in Russia at the approach of elections, Roald Matveev, Humanitarian University 

Free afternoon

17 July
Free day
28 June
City tour of St. Petersburg and to Piskarevsky Cemetery 

Visit to palace of Petropavlovsk in Pushkin

Overnight at health center at Kurart on a beach of the Gulf of Finland

08 July
Lecture-discussion: The avant-garde and Constructivist movements in Russian art and architecture, Sara Wilson, Tulane University (member of group)

Film: Man with a camera (1928)

Visit to Tretyakov Gallery of Russian Art

18 July
29 June
Visit to Hermitage Museum

Boat to Peterhof and visit of gardens & fountains

Concert of Russian folk songs and dances

Train to Moscow

09 July
Final formal discussion led by Vladislav Semenkov 



Contact: Eric Fenster moscowtrip2007@yahoo.com with questions or for more information.